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Identification cards or IDs are a common object in our security-obsessed age. It is the starting point of exclusivity and it serves as the barrier between the inner and the outsider groups. It does not only give you access to a particular place but it also gives you access to services that you otherwise cannot use without the proper identification. A tiny plastic card that holds various information about your identity, your age, your affiliated company or institution, you would think that something that can give so much data about you would be secured. Often, that is not the case.

These IDs are often seen strapped around the necks of unsuspecting individuals using flimsy uncomfortable rope like materials,Custom Lanyards just waiting to be snagged by a sharp edge. We at Wholesale Lanyards aim to change that. We believe that your IDs deserve better than being secured by fragile, easily snagged and usually unattractive lanyards. Our company believes on dependable materials with great designs that you could trust.

You might think that investing in quality custom lanyards are something that is not important for your business or organization but you would be committing a mistake. The ID is a symbol of credibility and authority. It does not only tell your clients or audience who you are but what you can offer them. In this sense, the lanyard is an extension of your identity. An elegant lanyard should reflect the same message that you are trying to convey, your professionalism and your identity or better yet your organization’s identity. It is part of creating a great first impression and every detail however small would help you to communicate your message across. Through our custom lanyards, we hope to help you create a striking impression.

These lanyards are created using tried and tested durable materials like polyester and nylon fabrics. Both are proven in terms of material strength and toughness. You can rest assured that you will not lose your identification because of various scrapes and scratches. Some characteristics like water and wrinkle resistance could only be found on polyester or woven polyester lanyards. Nylon lanyards on the other hand, are more suitable for various coloring processes like silk-screening and it also shows an affinity to resist fading. Whichever you prefer you can be assured that both of these lanyards are made of quality materials and are offered in different sizes with varying attachments to choose from.

For more personalized lanyards that could be used as gifts, company freebies or products, we offer a highly customizableLanyard option. Using this technique you could illustrate more intricate and detailed designs. This is called dye sublimation. We use a specialized printer that transforms the dyes into gases that seep deeply into the fabric itself. Such a process allows for the colors to be firmly planted within the fibers of the fabric giving your custom lanyards a more defined and sleek finish.

Wholesale lanyards is not only concerned by providing you with durable lanyards with elegant designs but we also want you to get more out of your budget. We also offer custom lanyards made from tubular polyester fabrics. This simple yet durable material aims to please the most discerning consumer. Its plain facade hides its dependable strength. With this quality product, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth without taking for granted your comfort.

We here at Wholesale Lanyards share your passion for elegant practical design that will leave a lasting impression. We understand that good design can transcend barriers and communicate what you or your brand is trying to say to your clients. We also believe that providing great products should not be difficult. This is why we have an easy, step-by-step lanyard builder available in our website. With great and hassle-free custom lanyards, we hope to be able to help you present your brand or institution in a pleasing and eye-catching manner. Not only that but we aim to help you project your sense of professionalism. By investing and showing that you value a seemingly small object like your ID laces, we hope that your clients will see how detail-oriented and focused you are in giving quality products and services.

We are dedicated to serve you and your business. Contact us now and ask about our free quotation, color matching and design services. Take advantage of our competitive prices, accessible online ordering system and free shipping all across the United States. We strongly care about what you want to say and we promise an enjoyable experience with us here at Wholesale Lanyards.

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