PCBNet Printed Circuit Boards: Definition & Design

If you are looking for a company that produces high quality printed circuit boards or PCB then get in touch with us at PCBNet. We produce the best printed circuit boards in the business tailored to the requirements of any electronic device and design expectations of individual clients.

Our printed circuit boards are capable of mechanically and electrically supporting electronic components through the use of pads, copper sheets that are laminated on non-conductive substrate, and conductive tracks. We offer both standard and advanced PCBs.

Unlike the competition, our clients have three varieties of printed circuit boards to choose from. We offer single sided PCBs with one copper layer. We also have double sided PCBs with two copper layers. And lastly, multi-layer PCBs with both inner & outer copper layers, these are our best sellers since their component density is much thicker than the other options.

Printed circuit boards

Our printed circuit boards are top of the line and surely better alternatives to the traditional point to point & wire wrap options. The reason for this is we use FR-4 glass epoxy as the primary insulating substrate. Despite having a more complex design requirement, because the circuit needs to be assembled on a board, it is easier to manufacture through automation. The same cannot be said with wire wrap and point to point construction.

Cost wise, client will find that our printed circuit boards are so much more affordable. It takes us half the time to design and manufacture them because all the components are installed in one part. Performance wise, all our printed circuit boards have virtually no wiring errors.

Whether you refer to it as a printed circuit board, an etched wiring board, or printed wiring board, they are all one and the same to us. Did you say printed circuit assembly, or was it PCB assembly? How about circuit card assembly or assembled back planes? Regardless of the name you use we understand all of them to mean one thing – printed circuit boards. There won’t be any confusion here at PCBNet.

For a little bit of history, the first circuit board was designed in the 1960s. Back then it was done manually using a clear sheet of Mylar. The process involved photo masking the Mylar with a diagram of the component pin pads, and once the pads were added, traces were placed onto the board to connect the pads. Traces were made up of self-adhesive tape. Needless to say, it was very basic and bare bones back then.

Printed circuit board

The design and make of modern printed circuit boards have since evolved into more complex versions. But the basic design is still there. Our printed circuit boards, whether single, double, or multi-layer, share the simple design of the first printed circuit boards, but with marked improvements, such as special layout software.

Below is the PCBNet step by step process of designing printed circuit boards:

a. Use an electronic design automation (EDA) tool to produce a schematic capture.

b. The case of every printed circuit board and its expected circuitry should define the dimension and template of each card.

c. Determine the heat sink and component position.

d. Decide the layer stack of the printed circuit board based on complexity.

e. Decide where to place the power and ground planes on the board. The power plane and ground plane are opposites. The power plane is like an AC signal that provides DC power to the circuits on the board.

f. Trace signal interconnections on the signal planes either on the outer or inner layers.

g. With the use of trace width, copper thickness, and electric layer thickness the PCB line impedance is defined.

h. Using differential signals determine trace separation. For route signals, combine dual stripline & microstrip.

i. Place all components on the circuit board while taking into account geometry and thermal requirements.

j. Mark lands and vias.

k. Route signal traces using electronic design automation tools.

l. Generate Gerber files to proceed to manufacturing.

The above step by step procedure for creating state of the art high technology PCBNet printed circuit boards is the very latest in cutting edge PCB manufacturing. The reason we are the trusted brand of best-selling printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. We set no limits in terms of the design of a printed circuit board and are open to the unique and specific requirements of individual clients. We fully understand not all electronic devices will require a standard printed circuit board design precisely because not all electronic devices are the same.

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Printed circuit boards are one of the most important components in the world of electronics today. If you are looking for a company that produces high quality printed circuit boards or PCB then get in touch with us at Pcbnet.

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