The Journey Towards Authenticity

What is your Authenticity Quotient?Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures.

Becoming authentic is an ongoing process of self-discovery that includes realizing our personal and collective potential and acting on that potential. Part of the process is accepting  responsibility for our choices and their consequences. The process leads to congruency between our ideals, values and our actions.

Authenticity in the microcosm of the individual,  propagates to the macrocosm.  Our intention to be authentic in every interaction both individually and collectively results in resilient human relationships.   By being mindful of our interactions we enculture authenticity.

Authenticity is essential for  building sustainable communities.  When we can show up as ourselves and genuinely like the people we engage with,  then collectively,  we are better able to adapt,   find new solutions and  flourish in a changing environment.

Individual Authenticity

  • Do I think for myself and speak my truth?
  • What fascinates me, what potentials do I want to explore?
  • Do I own the consequences of my choices?
  • What qualities do I value in myself and in others?
  • Is my behavior congruent with my values?
  • Where is my compass pointing me to at this time?

Authentic Interaction

  • Am I mindful of how my choices may influence another person?
  • Do I recognize diversity and appreciate the differences in others?
  • Do I interact with others with  respect and courtesy?
  • How do I extend degrees of trust?
  • Do I respond appropriately when a personal boundary is crossed?
  • Is my behavior appropriate given my role and the interaction?
  • Do I observe and process the results of my interactions?

Authentic Group Engagement

  • What is the group formed to accomplish?
  • What am I here to do? What is my role? What contribution is expected of me?
  • Is there an expectation of mutual accountability – if so what is it?
  • What strategies is the group applying to find solutions?
  • How will the group negotiate an impasse should one occur?
  • How can we cultivate the positive dynamics of this team?

Organisational Authenticity

  • As an organisation do we mean what we say?
  • How do our customers experience us?
  • Is integrity infused in our products? Is quality a priority?
  • How is our culture expressed in our day to day activities?

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